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A4 Conference proceedings
New Promises AI Brings into Circular Economy Accelerated Product Design: Review on Supporting Literature (2020)
E3S web of conferences
2019 7th International Conference on Environment Pollution and Prevention (ICEPP 2019)
Ghoreishi Malahat, Happonen Ari
A4 Conference proceedings
NMR studies of the ground states of Ni50-xCoxMn35In15 (x=1, 2.5) and Ni45Co5Mn37In13 Heusler alloys (2020)
AIP Advances
64th Annual Conference on Magnetism and Magnetic Materials
Aryal Anil, Dubenko Igor, Pandey Sudip, Chen Jing-Han, Talapatra Saikat, Chlan Vojtech, Stepankova Helena, Matveev Vladimir, Blinov Mikhail, Prudnikov Valerii, Granovsky Alexander, Lähderanta Erkki, Stadler Shane, Ali Naushad
A4 Conference proceedings
Noise-free Force Feedback for Haptic Device of Mobile Assembly Robot (2020)
27th International Workshop on Electric Drives: MPEI Department of Electric Drives 90th Anniversary (IWED)
Lukin Aleksandr, Roozbahani Hamid, Demidova Galina, Rassõlkin Anton, Vaimann Toomas
A1 Journal article (refereed), original research
Nanochitin/manganese oxide-biodegradable hybrid sorbent for heavy metal ions (2019)
Carbohydrate Polymers
Krivoshapkin P.V., Ivanets A.I., Torlopov M.A., Mikhaylov V.I., Srivastava V., Sillanpää M., Prozorovich V.G., Kouznetsova T.F., Koshevaya E.D., Krivoshapkina E.F.
A1 Journal article (refereed), original research
Nano-magnetic potassium impregnated ceria as catalyst for the biodiesel production (2019)
Renewable Energy
Ambat Indu, Srivastava Varsha, Haapaniemi Esa, Sillanpää Mika
A4 Conference proceedings
Network exploration and exploitation capability, foreign market knowledge and international performance: The role of strategic orientations (2019)
35th IMP Conference 2019
Faroque A.R., Sultana H., Kuivalainen O., Sundqvist S.
A1 Journal article (refereed), original research
Neutralizing global warming impacts of crop production using biochar from side flows and buffer zones (2019)
Uusitalo Ville, Leino Maija
B3 Unrefereed conference proceedings
Neutron diffraction and the interplay between structure and magnetism in high temperature FSMAs (2019)
Proceedings of ICFSMA 2019: The 6th International Conference on Ferromagnetic Shape Memory Alloys
Porro Jose Maria, Pérez‐Checa Anabel, Lázpita Patricia, Feuchtwanger Jorge, Stunault Anne, Barandiarán Jose Manuel, Sozinov Alexei, Ullakko Kari, Chernenko Volodymyr
A4 Conference proceedings
New Business Models as Regulation Changes: Case of Finland and Russia (2019)
Proceedings of the 23rd Cambridge International Manufacturing Symposium
Lähdeaho Oskari, Hilmola Olli-Pekka, Niiranen Jukka
A4 Conference proceedings
New Demand Response Business Models – Opportunities and Risks (2019)
Conference proceedings CIRED
CIRED 2019 Conference
Annala Salla, Honkapuro Samuli, Tikka Ville, Mendes Gonçalo
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