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A4 Conference proceedings
A Socio-technical Transition of Sustainable Lithium Industry in Latin America (2020)
Procedia Manufacturing
30th International Conference on Flexible Automation and Intelligent Manufacturing (FAIM2021)
Quinteros-Condoretty America Rocio, Albareda Laura, Barbiellini Bernardo, Soyer Ayberk
A4 Conference proceedings
System Platform Enabling Peer-to-Peer Electricity Market Model for Off-Grid Microgrids in Rural Africa (2020)
International Conference On The European Energy Market
2020 17th International Conference on the European Energy Market (EEM)
Demidov I., Dibaba H., Pinomaa A., Honkapuro S., Nieminen M.
A4 Conference proceedings
Technologies for Reducing Emissions and Costs in Combined Heat and Power Production (2020)
E3S web of conferences
2019 7th International Conference on Environment Pollution and Prevention (ICEPP 2019)
Auvinen Harri, Santti Ulla, Happonen Ari
A4 Conference proceedings
An innovative business model for rural sub-Saharan Africa electrification (2019)
Energy Procedia
Renewable Energy Integration with Mini/Microgrids, REM 2018
Vanadzina Evgenia, Pinomaa Antti, Honkapuro Samuli, Mendes Gonçalo
A4 Conference proceedings
Business model design elements for electric car service based on digital data enabled sharing platform (2019)
Shaping the future of global manufacturing supply networks: Delivering sustainable value for producers and consumers through digital platforms (23rd Cambridge International Manufacturing Symposium)
Metso Lasse, Happonen Ari, Ojanen Ville, Rissanen Matti, Kärri Timo
A4 Conference proceedings
Institutional Changes for Sustainable Business Models: Insights From Developing Market Entrepreneurs (2019)
45th European International Business Academy (EIBA)
Musona Jackson, Asemokha Agnes, Sjögren Helena
A4 Conference proceedings
Multiple helix approach in advancing sustainable urban energy ecosystems (2019)
IEEE International Conference on Industrial Engineering and Engineering Management
2018 IEEE International Conference on Industrial Engineering and Engineering Management, IEEM 2018
Tura Nina, Ojanen Ville, Paloviita Tuomas, Piiparinen Sini
A4 Conference proceedings
Drivers and barriers for innovating sustainable energy transition: a case study of Chile (2018)
ISPIM connects Fukuoka
Tura Nina, Ojanen Ville
A4 Conference proceedings
Organizational innovations driven by transition: Insights from electrical energy sector (2018)
R&D Management Conference 2018
Dyukov I., Ahonen T., Bergman J-P., Heiskanen E.
A4 Conference proceedings
Social Innovation Training in Makerspaces with the new DOIT approach (2018)
LUT Scientific and Expertise Publications : Tutkimusraportit - Research reports
The ISPIM Innovation Conference – Innovation, The Name of The Game
Hornung-Prähauser Veronika, Schön Sandra, Teplov Roman, Podmetina Daria
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