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A4 Conference proceedings
Carbon footprint of an EUR-sized wooden and a plastic pallet (2020)
E3S web of conferences
2019 7th International Conference on Environment Pollution and Prevention (ICEPP 2019)
Deviatkin Ivan, Horttanainen Mika
A4 Conference proceedings
Sustainable materials and processes for electronics, photonics and diagnostics (2020)
Proceedings of the Electronics Goes Green 2020+
Hakola Liisa, Immonen Kirsi, Sokka Laura, Välimäki Marja, Smolander Maria, Mäntysalo Matti, Tanninen Panu, Lyytikäinen Johanna, Leminen Ville, Naji Nassajfar Mohammad, Horttanainen Mika, Venetjoki Petteri
A4 Conference proceedings
Sustainable solid waste management using life cycle modeling for environmental impact assessment (2020)
Frontiers in Artificial Intelligence and Applications
Information Modelling and Knowledge Bases XXXI
Horttanainen Mika, Liikanen Miia, Havukainen Jouni, Deviatkin Ivan
A4 Conference proceedings
Construction and demolition waste streams from the material recovery point of view: a case study or the South Karelia region, Finland (2019)
Wit transactions on ecology and the environment
WIT Transactions on Ecology and the Environment
Liikanen Miia, Havukainen Jouni, Grönman Kaisa, Horttanainen Mika
A4 Conference proceedings
Environmental Assessment of alkali-activated mortars using different activators (2019)
Proceedings Sardinia 2019 - 17th International Waste Management and Landfill Symposium
Abdulkareem Mariam, Havukainen Jouni, Horttanainen Mika
A4 Conference proceedings
Promoting circular economy through a sustainable business model for pulp and paper industries in emerging markets. (2019)
Academy of Management Global Proceedings
Mikkilä Mirja, Luhas Jukka, Utanun Papitchaya, Levänen Jarkko, Linnanen Lassi
A4 Conference proceedings
The interplay between usability, sustainability and green aspects: A design case study from a developing country (2019)
CEUR Workshop Proceedings
Proceedings of the 6th International Conference on ICT for Sustainability (ICT4S 2019)
Oyedeji Shola, Adisa Mikhail O., Naqvi Bilal, Abdulkareem Mariam, Penzenstadler Birgit, Seffah Ahmed
A4 Conference proceedings
Comparison of land use efficiencies of different transportation energy systems (2018)
The 24th International Sustainable Development Research Society Conference: Actions for Sustainable World: From Theory to Practice 13-15 June 2018, Messina (Italy)
Uusitalo Ville, Leino Maija, Claudelin Anna, Sillman Jani
A4 Conference proceedings
Through Sustainability Engagement to Green Technology Investments (2018)
Saunila Minna, Rantala Tero, Ukko Juhani, Havukainen Jouni
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