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A4 Conference proceedings
Boosting entrepreneurial thinking and acting of doctoral students and researchers in engineering (2020)
The 1st University-Industry Interaction Conference UIIN 2020
Halonen Minna, Lahikainen Katja, Virkki-Hatakka Terhi
A4 Conference proceedings
More than meets the eye: managing complex dynamics in family business groups (2020)
Academy of Management annual meeting proceedings
Rautiainen Maria, Akhter Naveed, Parada Maria-José, Pihkala Timo, Discua Cruz Allan
A4 Conference proceedings
Complexities in Family Business System (2019)
Conference on Complex Systems
Rautiainen Marita, Pihkala Timo, Mukherjee Kajari
A4 Conference proceedings
Enterprising Business Families: Developing a business Group (2019)
International Family Enterprise Research Academy (IFERA 2019)
Rautiainen Marita, Pihkala Timo, Parada Maria José, Discua Cruz Allan
A4 Conference proceedings
Genograms as Tools for Family Business Group and Portfolio Entrepreneurship Research (2019)
10 th International Research Meeting in Business and Management IRMBAM IPAG
Rautiainen Marita, Rosa Peter, Pihkala Timo
A4 Conference proceedings
Putting the Family in Family Business Group Governance: A Critical Review of Business Group Research (2019)
IFERA 2019 Conference, Bergamo, Italy
Ikäheimonen Tuuli, Rautiainen Marita, Goel Sanjay
A4 Conference proceedings
Accelerating the deployment of electric vehicles among housing cooperatives (2018)
The 24th International Sustainable Development Research Society Conference ACTIONS FOR SUSTAINABLE WORLD: FROM THEORY TO PRACTICE
Claudelin Anna, Konsti-Laakso Suvi, Uusitalo Ville, Leino Maija, Tertsunen Paavo
A4 Conference proceedings
Brokering User Knowledge (2018)
2018 IEEE International Conference on Engineering, Technology and Innovation (ICE/ITMC)
Konsti-Laakso Suvi
A4 Conference proceedings
Enhancing innovation and entrepreneurship skills: evaluation of a doctoral training program (2018)
LUT Scientific and Expertise Publications : Tutkimusraportit - Research reports
YKTT2018 Yrittäjyyskasvatuspäivät : Artikkelit
Lahikainen Katja, Halonen Minna, Virkki-Hatakka Terhi
A4 Conference proceedings
Family Business Group as a Complex Adaptive System (2018)
SMS Annual Conference 2018
Rautiainen Marita, Mukherjee Kajari
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