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A4 Conference proceedings
Quality assurance and process control in virtual reality (2020)
Procedia Manufacturing
Ratava Juho, Penttilä Sakari, Lund Hannu, Lohtander Mika, Kah Paul, Ollikainen Mikael, Varis Juha
A4 Conference proceedings
Quality control for the first large areas of triple-GEM chambers for the CMS endcaps (2018)
EPJ Web of Conferences
Tuuva Tuure, Talvitie J., Abbaneo D, Abbas M., Abbrescia M., Abi Akl M., Aboamer O., Acosta D., Ahmad A., Ahmed W., Aleksandrov A., Altieri P., Asawatangtrakuldee C., Aspell P., Assran Y., Awan I., Bally S., Ban Y.,
Banerjee S., Barashko V. , Barria P., Bencze G., Beni N., Benussi L., Bhopatkar V., Bianco S.
A4 Conference proceedings
Quantification of stator blade shape influence on non-equilibrium condensation in low-pressure steam turbine (2017)
ASME Turbo Expo
Proceedings of ASME Turbo Expo 2017: Turbomachinery Technical Conference and Exposition
Patel Giteshkumar, Patel Yogini, Turunen-Saaresti Teemu, Grönman Aki
A4 Conference proceedings
Quantifying cultural attributes for understanding human behavior on the internet (2013)
Lecture Notes in Computer Science
Online Communities and Social Computing
Kalwar Santosh, Heikkinen Kari, Porras Jari
A4 Conference proceedings
QrAte: historical learning through a curatorial inquiry task using web resources (2012)
Wolff Annika, Mulholland Paul
A4 Conference proceedings
Quantifying the Benefits of Phasing as a Corporate Real Estate Strategy (2011)
Lecture Notes in Management Science
3rd International Conference on Applied Operational Research, Proceedings
Collan Mikael
A4 Conference proceedings
Quantitative hyperspectral imaging by multiplex CARS microscopy (2011)
PALS 2011 - The 5th Finnish-Russian Photonics and Laser Symposium, Saint-Petersburg, Russia, October 18-20, 2011
Vartiainen Erik, Day James P R, Domke Katrin F, Rago Gianluca, Kolychev Alexander, Bonn Mischa
A4 Conference proceedings
Quantitative microscopy by vibrational spectral imaging (2011)
Vartiainen Erik, Day James, Domke Katrin, Rago Gianluca, Kolychev Alexei, Bonn Mischa
A4 Conference proceedings
Quality of Reconstructed Spectrum for Watermarked Spectral Images Subject to Various Illumination Conditions (2009)
Krasavin Konstantin, Parkkinen Jussi, Kaarna Arto, Jääskeläinen Timo
A4 Conference proceedings
Quantitative Analysis of Pollutants by Ion Mobility Spectrometry (2009)
Puton J, Mäkinen M, Holopainen S, Sillanpää Mika
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