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A4 Conference proceedings
Offloading for Mobile Device Performance Improvement (2019)
Proceedings of the Annual Hawaii International Conference on System Sciences
Proceedings of the 52nd Hawaii International Conference on System Sciences 2019
Temesgene Dagnachew, Porras Jari, Parkkila Janne
A4 Conference proceedings
On-line calculation of fatigue in hydraulically actuated heavy equipment using IoT and Digital Twin concepts (2019)
Proceedings of the ITNT-2019 conference (Sbornik trudov ITNT-2019)
Zhidchenko Victor, Handroos Heikki, Kovartsev Alexander
A4 Conference proceedings
Online Multiplayer Games for Crowdsourcing the Development of Digital Assets (2019)
International Conference on Software Business
Laato S, Hyrynsalmi SM, Paloheimo M
A4 Conference proceedings
On the interplay of stability and change during strategic renewal – A capability approach to media management (2019)
The 2019 Annual Conference of the European Media Management Association (emma)
Maijanen Päivi
A4 Conference proceedings
Open and Sustainable: A New Frontier in Innovation Management? (2019)
Kimpimäki Jaan-Pauli, Maliatsina Iryna, Lähdeaho Oskari
A4 Conference proceedings
Open Innovation adoption patterns: towards a common academia-business understanding (2019)
R&D Management Conference
Podmetina Daria, Maliatsina Iryna, Marullo Cristina
A4 Conference proceedings
Open-system orchestration of interfirm knowledge networks (2019)
Academy of Management Proceedings 2019
De Kort Charlotte, Ritala Paavo, Gailly Benoit
A4 Conference proceedings
Optimizing Largest Lyapunov Exponent Utilizing an Intelligent Water Drop algorithm: A Brain Computer Interface Study (2019)
2019 5th International Conference on Event-Based Control, Communication, and Signal Processing (EBCCSP)
Hekmatmanesh Amin, Mohammadi Asl Reza, Handroos Heikki, Wu Huapeng
A4 Conference proceedings
Optimizing maintenance scheduling of multi-machine industrial systems with simulation – example from metals mining (2019)
LUT Scientific and Expertise Publications : Tutkimusraportit - Research reports
Proceedings of the NSAIS-ROW19 Workshop on Adaptive and Intelligent Systems and Real Options, Lappeenranta
Savolainen Jyrki, Urbani Michele
A4 Conference proceedings
Organizing knowledge co-creation for RI (2019)
20th International CINet Conference, "Innovating in an era of continuous disruption"
Nisula Anna-Maija, Blomqvist Kirsimarja
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