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A4 Conference proceedings
Impacts of Digital Twins – Significance from Sales Perspective (2020)
Rantala Tuija, Kokkonen Kirsi, Hannola Lea
A4 Conference proceedings
Improving Energy Expenditure Estimation in Wearables using a Heat Flux Sensor: First Observations (2020)
IEEE Instrumentation and Measurement Technology Conference (I2MTC 2020), 2020 Conference Proceedings
Levikari Saku, Immonen Antti, Kuisma Mikko, Peltonen Heikki, Silvennoinen Mika, Kyröläinen Heikki, Silventoinen Pertti
A4 Conference proceedings
Improving Operations Management in Elderly Care with a CDSS for Service Needs Assessment (2020)
Korpela Krista, Korpela Jukka, Elfvengren Kalle, Viitikko Tarja, Lehmus Riikka, Tuominen Markku
A4 Conference proceedings
Is Sustainable Strategy a Thing? (2020)
Academy of Management Proceedings
Kimpimäki Jaan-Pauli, Albareda Laura, Montiel Ivan
A4 Conference proceedings
Image Analysis of Bubbling Mode Condensation Oscillations in Horizontal Sparger (2019)
Proceedings of the 18th International Topical Meeting on Nuclear Reactor Thermal Hydraulics, NURETH-18
Hujala Elina, Tanskanen Vesa, Patel Giteshkumar, Hyvärinen Juhani
A4 Conference proceedings
Impact of Recycling on Criticality of Raw Materials (2019)
5th International Conference on Sustainable Chemical Product and Process Engineering (SCPPE)
Rahimpour Golroudbary Saeed, Kraslawski Andrzej
A4 Conference proceedings
Implementing a power source to study the effect of power quality on the PEM water electrolyzer stack (2019)
European Conference On Power Electronics And Applications
2019 21st European Conference on Power Electronics and Applications (EPE '19 ECCE Europe)
Järvinen Lauri, Ruuskanen Vesa, Koponen Joonas, Kosonen Antti, Hehemann Michael, Ahola Jero
A4 Conference proceedings
Improved Knowledge Changes the Mindset: Older Adults’ Perceptions of Care Robots (2019)
Lecture Notes in Computer Science
Human Aspects of IT for the Aged Population. Design for the Elderly and Technology Acceptance. HCII 2019
Johansson-Pajala Rose-Marie, Thommes Kirsten, Hoppe Julia, Tuisku Outi, Hennala Lea, Pekkarinen Satu, Melkas Helinä, Gustafsson Christine
A4 Conference proceedings
Improving data quality, privacy and provenance in citizen science applications (2019)
Frontiers in Artificial Intelligence and Applications
Information Modelling and Knowledge Bases XXXI
Musto Jiri, Dahanayake Ajantha
A4 Conference proceedings
Improving durability of wood-mixed waste plastic composites with compatibilizers (2019)
IOP Conference Series: Materials Science and Engineering
IOP Conference Series: Materials Science and Engineering, Volume 490, Chapter 1 Materials Science
Martikka Ossi, Kärki Timo, Puurtinen Ari
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