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A4 Conference proceedings
Achievable Sum Rate and Outage Capacity of GFDM Systems with MMSE Receivers (2020)
IEEE International Conference on Communications
ICC 2020 - 2020 IEEE International Conference on Communications (ICC)
Carrillo Dick, Kumar Santosh, Fraidenraich Gustavo, Nardelli Pedro H. J., da Costa Daniel B.
A4 Conference proceedings
Adaptive Square-Root Unscented Kalman Filter: Implementation of Exponential Forgetting Factor (2020)
Mohammadi Asl Reza, Shabbouei Hagh Yashar, Fekih Afef, Handroos Heikki
A4 Conference proceedings
A Development of the Warehouse Management System Selection Framework as Academic-Industrial Collaboration Work with Sustainability Considerations (2020)
AIP Conference Proceedings
AIP conference proceedings
Minashkina Daria, Happonen Ari
A4 Conference proceedings
All-inclusive outreach - A long-term co-operation process between a Finnish mid-sized university and a mid-sized town (Work in Progress) (2020)
ASEE Annual Conference & Exposition Proceedings
2020 ASEE Virtual Annual Conference Content Access
Naukkarinen Johanna, Koikkalainen Kati
A4 Conference proceedings
A Non-singular Terminal Synergetic Control Design for Servo-hydraulic Systems (2020)
Shabbouei Hagh Yashar, Mohammadi Asl Reza, Fekih Afef, Handroos Heikki
A4 Conference proceedings
A Capability Maturity Model for Open Innovation (2019)
International Society for Professional Innovation Management's Innovation Conference
The ISPIM Innovation Conference – Celebrating Innovation: 500 Years Since da Vinci
Podmetina Daria, Petraite Monika, von Zedtvitz Maximillian
A4 Conference proceedings
A Case Study of the Contact Force and Stress in the Backup Bearing of a Generator: Experimental Study and Numerical Simulation of Dropdown (2019)
Mechanisms and Machine Science
IFToMM 2018: Proceedings of the 10th International Conference on Rotor Dynamics – IFToMM
Neisi Neda, Ghalamchi Behnam, Heikkinen Janne, Sillanpää Teemu, Hartikainen Toni, Sopanen Jussi
A4 Conference proceedings
Accounting for intangibles – A literature review and cross-continental analysis (2019)
Proceedings IFKAD
Knowledge Ecosystems and Growth - Proceedings of the 14th International Forum on Knowledge Asset Dynamics
Hussinki Henri, Garanina Tatiana, Dumay John, Steinhöfel Erik
A4 Conference proceedings
A Comparative Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) of Fossil Oil and a New Innovative Solid Biomass Chains for Small-Scale Heating System (2019)
Proceedings of the 52nd International Symposium on Forestry Mechanization
KC Raghu, Föhr Jarno, Ranta Tapio
A4 Conference proceedings
Advanced Uncertainty Calculation Method for Converter-Fed Motor Loss Determining (2019)
2019 IEEE International Electric Machines & Drives Conference (IEMDC)
Kärkkäinen Hannu, Aarniovuori Lassi, Niemelä Markku, Pyrhönen Juha
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