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A1 Journal article (refereed), original research
Valley Subband Splitting in Bilayer Graphene Quantum Point Contacts (2018)
Physical Review Letters
Kraft R., Krainov I.V., Gall V., Dmitriev A.P., Krupke R., Gornyi I.V., Danneau R.
A4 Conference proceedings
Velocity-dependent Twinning Stress in Magnetic Shape Memory Alloy Ni-Mn-Ga 5M Martensite (2018)
ACTUATOR 2018, 16th International Conference on New Actuators
Saren Andrey, Ullakko Kari
A4 Conference proceedings
Visualization of magnetostructural transition in Heusler alloys by Magnetic Force Microscopy (2018)
EPJ Web of Conferences
Moscow International Symposium on Magnetism (MISM 2017)
Geydt Pavel, Rodionov Igor D., Granovsky Aleksander B., Soboleva Ekaterina, Fadeev Egor, Titov Ivan S., Dubenko Igor, Lähderanta Erkki
A1 Journal article (refereed), original research
Validation of NeQuick TEC data ingestion technique against C/NOFS and EISCAT electron density measurements (2016)
Nigussie M., Radicella S.M., Damtie B., Yizengaw E., Nava B., Roininen L.
D1 Article in a trade journal
Väitös: Ydinvoimalaitosten turvallisuusanalyysien epävarmuudet pienemmiksi (2015)
Vihavainen Juhani
A1 Journal article (refereed), original research
Virus Sensitivity Index of UV disinfection (2015)
Environmental Technology
Tang Walter Z., Sillanpää Mika
A1 Journal article (refereed), original research
Validation of Effective Models for Simulation of Thermal Stratification and Mixing Induced by Steam Injection into a Large Pool of Water (2014)
Science and Technology of Nuclear Installations
Li Hua, Villanueva Walter, Puustinen Markku, Laine Jani, Kudinov Pavel
A1 Journal article (refereed), original research
Variable-range hopping conductivity in Cu2ZnGeSe4 single crystals (2014)
Solar Energy Materials and Solar Cells
Guc Maxim, Lisunov Konstantin, Hajdeu E., Levcenko Serghei, Ursaki Veaceslav, Arushanov Ernest
A4 Conference proceedings
Virtual Simulator to Test Suitability of Electro-Hydraulic Energy Converter in Different Types of Working Machines (2014)
Proceedings of the 9th JFPS International Symposium on Fluid Power
Luostarinen Lauri O., Åman Rafael, Handroos Heikki
A4 Conference proceedings
Vortex core properties in iron pnictides (2014)
Zakharchuk Ivan, Sharafeev A., Belova Polina, Traito Konstantin B., Lähderanta Erkki
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