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A4 Conference proceedings
The Test Setup for Active Noise Control at Shooting Range (2006)
Kuisma Mikko, Pennanen Juho, Silventoinen Pertti, Kuronen Juhani, Kuronen Tommi
A4 Conference proceedings
Torque ripple and cogging torque of surface mounted PM machines with concentrated windings (2006)
Jussila Hanne, Salminen Pia, Niemelä Markku, Pyrhönen Juha
A4 Conference proceedings
Transient Over-Voltages in PWM Variable Speed AC Drives – Modeling and Analysis (2006)
Ström Juha-Pekka, Koski Miia, Muittari Hanna, Silventoinen Pertti
D1 Article in a trade journal
Testing the accuracy of pump flow calculation without metering (2005)
World Pumps
Hammo Simo, Viholainen Juha
A1 Journal article (refereed), original research
The Pull-Out Torque of Fractional-slot PM-Motors with Concentrated Winding (2005)
IEE Proceedings: Electric Power Applications
Salminen Pia, Jokinen Tapani, Pyrhönen Juha
A4 Conference proceedings
Torque Ripple of Permanent Magnet Machines with Concentrated Windings (2005)
Proceedings of the 12th International Symposium onElectromagnetic Fields in Mechatronics, Electrical and Electronic Engineering-ISEF´2005 on CD
Salminen Pia, Pyrhönen Juha, Soulard Juliette, Libert Florence
A4 Conference proceedings
Torsion Vibration Analysis of a Cardan Shaft Driven by Permanent Magnet Electric Motor (2005)
Sopanen Jussi, Laurila Lasse, Hirvonen Markus
A4 Conference proceedings
Toward Automatic Motor Condition Diagnosis (2005)
Lecture Notes in Computer Science
Ilonen Jarmo, Paalanen Pekka, Kämäräinen Joni-Kristian, Lindh Tuomo, Ahola Jero, Kälviäinen Heikki, Partanen Jarmo
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