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A4 Conference proceedings
Comparative Assessment of Demand Response Participation in Selected European Balancing Market (2020)
International Conference On The European Energy Market
2020 17th International Conference on the European Energy Market (EEM)
Maioui Yassmine, Honkapuro Samuli, Mendes Gonçalo, Chaves Jessica, Krivoglazova Aleksandra, Pinho da Silva Nuno, Souza e Silva Nuno, Klein Lurian, Landeck Jorge, O’Callaghan Tim
A3 Book section, chapters in research books
Community Renewable Energy Systems (2020)
Affordable and Clean Energy. Encyclopedia of the UN Sustainable Development Goals.
Narayanan Arun, Nardelli Pedro H. J.
A1 Journal article (refereed), original research
Comparison of Commercial and Open-Source FEM Software: A Case Study (2020)
IEEE Transactions on Industry Applications
Zaheer Minhaj, Lindh Pia, Aarniovuori Lassi, Pyrhönen Juha
A1 Journal article (refereed), original research
Calculation of electromagnetic excitation forces in double skewed motors (2018)
Journal of Electrical Engineering && Technology
Bao Xiaohua, Di Chong, Zhou Yang
A4 Conference proceedings
Comparison of Regulatory Challenges Faced by Different Microgrid Ownership Models (2018)
IEEE Pes Innovative Smart Grid Technologies Europe Conference
2018 IEEE PES Innovative Smart Grid Technologies Conference Europe (ISGT-Europe)
Valta Jussi, Mäkinen Saku, Kotilainen Kirsi, Järventausta Pertti, Mendes Goncalo
A4 Conference proceedings
Co-Simulation Procedure for Multibody Reeving Systems (2018)
ASME 2018 International Design Engineering Technical Conferences and Computers and Information in Engineering Conference
Orzechowski G., Mikkola A., Escalona J.
A1 Journal article (refereed), original research
Combination of discrete wavelet packet transform with detrended fluctuation analysis using customized mother wavelet with the aim of an imagery-motor control interface for an exoskeleton (2019)
Multimedia Tools and Applications
Hekmatmanesh Amin, Wu Huapeng, Motie-Nasrabadi Ali, Li Ming, Handroos Heikki
A1 Journal article (refereed), original research
Closed-Form Solution for the Slot Leakage Inductance of Tooth-Coil-Winding Permanent Magnet Machines (2019)
IEEE Transactions on Energy Conversion
Madariaga Carlos, Jara Werner, Tapia Juan A., Pyrhönen Juha, Lindh Pia, Riedemann Javier A.
A1 Journal article (refereed), original research
Classification of Power Quality Disturbances Using Wigner-Ville Distribution and Deep Convolutional Neural Networks (2019)
IEEE Access
Cai Kewei, Cao Wenping, Aarniovuori Lassi, Pang Hongshuai, Lin Yuanshan, Li Guofeng
A1 Journal article (refereed), original research
Control System Commissioning of Fully Levitated Bearingless Machine (2019)
Modeling, Identification and Control
Jaatinen Pekko, Vuojolainen Jouni, Nevaranta Niko, Jastrzebski Rafal, Pyrhönen Olli
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