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A4 Conference proceedings
On the Issue of Comparisons with Reference Fuzzy Numbers - a Graphical Method to Guide the Choice of a Suitable Method in Managerial Decision-making (2020)
International conference mathematical methods in economics
38th International Conference on Mathematical Methods in Economics MME2020 Conference Proceedings
Talášek Tomáš, Stoklasa Jan
A4 Conference proceedings
On Telling a Story: Resourcing and the Developmental Dynamics of a Meta-organization (2018)
Proceedings of the 31st Annual Conference of the British Academy of Management
Bor Sanne, Cropper Steve
A4 Conference proceedings
Open and Sustainable: A New Frontier in Innovation Management? (2019)
6th Annual World Open Innovation Conference WOIC 2019
Kimpimäki Jaan-Pauli, Maliatsina Iryna, Lähdeaho Oskari
A4 Conference proceedings
Organizing knowledge co-creation for RI (2019)
20th International CINet Conference, "Innovating in an era of continuous disruption"
Nisula Anna-Maija, Blomqvist Kirsimarja
A4 Conference proceedings
Organizational innovations driven by transition: Insights from electrical energy sector (2018)
R&D Management Conference 2018
Dyukov I., Ahonen T., Bergman J-P., Heiskanen E.
A4 Conference proceedings
Open innovation in SMEs: a process view towards the business model change (2018)
The 5th World Open Innovation Conference
Albats Ekaterina, Vanhaverbeke Wim, Podmetina Daria
A4 Conference proceedings
Ownership Goals and Socio Emotional Wealth – Survey of Family Business Owners (2015)
International Family Enterprise Research Academy 2015 Annual Conference (IFERA)
Rautiainen Marita, Ikäheimonen Tuuli, Pihkala Timo, Ikävalko Markku
A4 Conference proceedings
On the interplay of stability and change during strategic renewal – A capability approach to media management (2019)
The 2019 Annual Conference of the European Media Management Association (emma)
Maijanen Päivi
A4 Conference proceedings
Open Innovation adoption patterns: towards a common academia-business understanding (2019)
R&D Management Conference
Podmetina Daria, Maliatsina Iryna, Marullo Cristina
A4 Conference proceedings
Open-system orchestration of interfirm knowledge networks (2019)
Academy of Management Proceedings 2019
De Kort Charlotte, Ritala Paavo, Gailly Benoit
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