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A4 Conference proceedings
Exploring Industry 4.0 Technologies to Enhance Circularity in Textile Industry: Role of Internet of Things (2020)
International working seminar on production economics
21st International working seminar on Production Economics
Ghoreishi Malahat, Happonen Ari, Pynnönen Mikko
A4 Conference proceedings
Exploring paradoxes in sustainable supply chain management – Insights from multi-tier supply chains (2020)
27th EurOMA Conference
Zehendner Axel, Kähkönen Anni-Kaisa, Sauer Philipp C., Schöpflin Patrick
A4 Conference proceedings
Extending sustainability practices to lower-tier suppliers in multi-tier supply chains (2020)
Proceedings of the 29th Annual IPSERA Conference
Marttinen Kati, Kähkönen Anni-Kaisa, Marshall Donna
A4 Conference proceedings
Enterprising Business Families: Developing a business Group (2019)
International Family Enterprise Research Academy (IFERA 2019)
Rautiainen Marita, Pihkala Timo, Parada Maria José, Discua Cruz Allan
A4 Conference proceedings
Exercise Boundary-based Simulation with Application to Multi-Option Mining Investments (2019)
The 23rd Annual International Real Options Conference
Kozlova Mariia, Lawryshyn Yuri, Bashiri Ali
A4 Conference proceedings
Emergence of international new ventures during the 1st global economy (2018)
44th European International Business Academy Conference EIBA Annual Conference
Leppäaho Tanja, Korhonen Satu, Amdam Rolv, jack Sarah
A4 Conference proceedings
Enhancing innovation and entrepreneurship skills: evaluation of a doctoral training program (2018)
LUT Scientific and Expertise Publications : Tutkimusraportit - Research reports
YKTT2018 Yrittäjyyskasvatuspäivät : Artikkelit
Lahikainen Katja, Halonen Minna, Virkki-Hatakka Terhi
A4 Conference proceedings
Evaluation of Business Models – Preliminary Results of a Systematic Literature Review (2018)
Societal Impact of Knowledge and Design - Proceedings IFKAD 2018
Steinhöfel Erik, Hussinki Henri, Bornemann Manfred
A4 Conference proceedings
Export Market Orientation (EMO): Assessment of Research Trend, Status and Future Agenda (2018)
Global Marketing Conference Proceedings 2018
Faroque A.R., Takahashi Y., Gani M.O., Kuivalainen O.
A4 Conference proceedings
Efficiency Assessment of the Social Capital Capacity on Entrepreneurial Activity: A Perspective Driven From Social Media (2017)
Portland International Conference On Management Of Engineering And Technology
PICMET '17 Conference "Technology Management for Interconnected World"
Hajikhani Arash
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