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A4 Conference proceedings
Understanding Accountability in the Context of Meta-Organizations (2019)
Proceedings of the 32st Annual Conference of the British Academy of Management
Bor Sanne
A4 Conference proceedings
Unlocking the Black-Box of Open Innovation Capabilities in SMEs (2019)
R&D Management Conference
Pranciulyte-Bagdziuniene Ilma, Maliatsina Iryna, Podmetina Daria, Petraite Monika
A4 Conference proceedings
Updating the Nordic model for CSR – the role of SMEs? (2017)
CR3+ Conference; Making Corporate Responsibility useful
Uzhegova Maria, Lernborg Clara My
A4 Conference proceedings
Using multi-granular fuzzy linguistic modelling methods for supervised classification learning purposes (2017)
IEEE International Conference on Fuzzy Systems
2017 IEEE International Conference on Fuzzy Systems (FUZZ-IEEE)
Morente-Molinera J. A., Mezei J., Carlsson C., Herrera-Viedma E.
A4 Conference proceedings
University strategic trajectories: developing economy vs economy in transition (2016)
The ISPIM Innovation Summit
Kachurina Polina, Albats Ekaterina, Fiegenbaum Irina
A4 Conference proceedings
Uncovering Factors Underlying Retail Investor Stock Investment Intentions (2015)
Proceedings of the MME2015 - 33rd International Conference Mathematical Methods in Economics
Lounio Mimi, Collan Mikael, Asikainen Sanna-Katriina
A4 Conference proceedings
Understanding innovation performance measurement in SMEs (2015)
Proceedings of the 16th International CINet Conference
Saunila Minna
A4 Conference proceedings
Understanding the practice of designing a PMS for the industrial service context (2015)
Conference On Performance Measurement And Management Control
Proceedings of the 8th Conference on Performance Measurement and Management Control
Ukko Juhani, Saunila Minna
A4 Conference proceedings
Using a dynamic system model in ex-ante operational and profitability analysis of a metal mine through simulation (2015)
Reports of the Department of Mathematical Information Technology. Series A: Collections
Book of Abstracts of the CM3 New Challenges for the Greening of Transport ECCOMAS Thematic Conference
Savolainen Jyrki, Collan Mikael, Luukka Pasi
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