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A4 Conference proceedings
Technologies for Reducing Emissions and Costs in Combined Heat and Power Production (2020)
E3S web of conferences
2019 7th International Conference on Environment Pollution and Prevention (ICEPP 2019)
Auvinen Harri, Santti Ulla, Happonen Ari
A4 Conference proceedings
The digital transformation of customer value propositions: A process perspective to value proposition reshaping (2020)
European Academy of Management Conference 2020
Piepponen Amanda, Ritala Paavo, Keränen Joona, Maijanen Päivi
A4 Conference proceedings
The Finnish Rate of Return Regulation of the Electricity Transfer Business: Data‐based Analysis of Historical Returns on Equity (2020)
Proceedings of the KNOWCON - Knowledge on Economics and Management Conference
Collan Mikael, Savolainen Jyrki
A4 Conference proceedings
The Impact of the Internet of Things on Established Companies: A Multiple-Case Study (2020)
XXXI ISPIM Innovation Conference - Innovating in Times of Crisis (Virtual Event)
Treves Luke, O'Shea Gregory
A4 Conference proceedings
Taking social network analysis one step further: Determining employees’ loyalty by informal knowledge sharing networks in college (2019)
6th Business Systems Laboratory International Symposium BORDERS WITHOUT BORDERS: Systemic frameworks and their applications for sustainable well-being in the global era
Veretennik Elena, Kianto Aino
A4 Conference proceedings
Team Entrepreneurial Psychological Ownership: The Processes and Effects in New Venture Teams (2019)
The 55th Annual MBAA International Conference
Tuominen Terhi, Heino Noora, Hakala Henri, Jussila Iiro
A4 Conference proceedings
Tensions of Ambidextrous Change: Evolutionary View to Tension Emergence and Resolution (2019)
Academy of Management annual meeting proceedings
Academy of Management Proceedings 2019
Maijanen Päivi, Ritala Paavo
A4 Conference proceedings
The benefit of socially responsible investments – a case study of the profitability of two funds and their interlinkages (2019)
Proceedings of KNOWCON 2019. Knowledge on Economics and Management: Profit or Purpose.
Stoklasa Jan, Kročil Ondřej, Talášek Tomáš, Pospíšil Richard
A4 Conference proceedings
The Crux of the Morality Halo: The Interplay of Corporate Social Responsibility and Price Increases on Consumers’ Perceived Price Fairness (2019)
Advances in Consumer Research
2019 Winter AMA Proceedings
Alavi Sascha, Edinger-Schons Laura Marie, Müller Urs, Habel Johannes, Sipilä Jenni
A4 Conference proceedings
The impact of digitalization on relationship performance (2019)
Proceedings of the 28th International Purchasing and Supply, Education and Research Association Conference IPSERA 2019
Nasiri Mina, Ukko Juhani, Saunila Minna, Rantala Tero
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