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A4 Conference proceedings
Serious games for decision-making processes: a systematic literature review (2020)
Lecture Notes in Mechanical Engineering
Engineering Assets and Public Infrastructures in the Age of Digitalization. Proceedings of the 13th World Congress on Engineering Asset Management.
Rissanen Matti, Metso Lasse, Elfvengren Kalle, Sinkkonen Tiina
A4 Conference proceedings
Social Capital in the Start-Up Phase of Female-Owned Microenterprises (2020)
Springer Proceedings in Business and Economics
Gender Studies, Entrepreneurship and Human Capital. IPAZIA 2019.
Pietarinen Aino, Kianto Aino
A4 Conference proceedings
Sociotechnical Determinants’ Effects on Person-job Fit and Life Satisfaction in Two Different Knowledge Work Contexts (2020)
International conference on knowledge management and information sharing
Proceedings of the 12th International Joint Conference on Knowledge Discovery, Knowledge Engineering and Knowledge Management - (Volume 3)
Toth Ilona, Heinänen Sanna, Nisula Anna-Maija, Kianto Aino
A4 Conference proceedings
State-of-the-Art in Product-Service System Classification (2020)
Lecture Notes in Mechanical Engineering
Proceedings of the 3rd International Conference on Design, Simulation, Manufacturing: The Innovation Exchange, DSMIE-2020
Salwin Mariusz, Kraslawski Andrzej
A4 Conference proceedings
Students’ psychological ownership towards their projects at proto labs – learning new things for a cause (2020)
The 1st University-Industry Interaction Conference UIIN 2020
Virkki-Hatakka Terhi, Ikävalko Markku
A4 Conference proceedings
System Platform Enabling Peer-to-Peer Electricity Market Model for Off-Grid Microgrids in Rural Africa (2020)
International Conference On The European Energy Market
2020 17th International Conference on the European Energy Market (EEM)
Demidov I., Dibaba H., Pinomaa A., Honkapuro S., Nieminen M.
A4 Conference proceedings
Satisfaction and Extremity Effects under the Baseline Approach in Multiple-Criteria Decision-Making Problems (2019)
LUT Scientific and Expertise Publications : Tutkimusraportit - Research reports
Proceedings of the NSAIS-ROW19 Workshop on Adaptive and Intelligent Systems and Real Options
Kozlova Mariia, Stoklasa Jan
A4 Conference proceedings
Scenario Development for Collaborative Financial Supply Chain Management in the Automotive Industry (2019)
Procedia Manufacturing
Virolainen Veli Matti, Pirttilä Miia, Lind Lotta, Kärri Timo
A4 Conference proceedings
Shackled to the status quo: when do managers adopt or deviate from the prior entry mode? (2019)
45th European International Business Academy (EIBA)
Faroque Anisur, Ahi Ali, Kuivalainen Olli, Sundqvist Sanna
A4 Conference proceedings
SMEs’ adaptation to economic downturns: The impact of exploration and exploitation on performance (2019)
Academy of Management annual meeting proceedings
Academy of Management Proceedings 2019
Osiyevskyy Oleksiy, Shirokova Galina, Ritala Paavo
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