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A4 Conference proceedings
Effects of Stable Atmospheric Condition and Various Forest Densities on Wind Resources (2017)
International Conference on Wind Energy Harvesting
Chaudhari Ashvinkumar, Conan Boris, Hellsten Antti
A4 Conference proceedings
Novel strategies for fast, accurate, and quantitative extraction of resonant vibrational responses from CARS spectra (2017)
Proceedings of the 16th European Conference n Non-Linear Optical Spectroscopy (ECONOS)
Hehl Gregor, Kan Yelena, Vartiainen Erik, Volkmer Andreas
A4 Conference proceedings
CMS Collaboration (2019)
Nuclear Physics A
XXVIIth International Conference on Ultrarelativistic Nucleus–Nucleus Collisions (Quark Matter 2018)
Sirunyan A.M., Tumasyan A., Adam W., Ambrogi F., Asilar E., Bergauer T., Brandstetter J., Dragicevic M., Erö J., Escalante Del Valle A., Flechl M., Frühwirth R., Ghete V.M., Hrubec J., Jeitler M., Krammer N., Krätschmer I., Liko D., Tuuva T., CMS Collaboration
A1 Journal article (refereed), original research
Irradiated Single Crystal Chemical Vapor Deposition Diamond Characterized with Various Ionizing Particles (2019)
physica status solidi (a)
Naaranoja Tiina, Golovleva Maria, Gädda Akiko, Martikainen Laura, Ott Jennifer, Berretti Mirko, Garcia Francisco, Luukka Paula, Tuuva Tuure, Österberg Kenneth
A1 Journal article (refereed), original research
Impact of different forest densities on atmospheric boundary-layer development and wind-turbine wake (2020)
Wind Energy
Adedipe A. Taiwo, Chaudhari Ashvinkumar, Kauranne Tuomo
B1 Unrefereed journal article
Preface (2020)
Optical Review
Ogura Yusuke, Hagen Nathan, Hayasaki Yoshio, Saarinen Jarkko, Taue Shuji, Vartiainen Erik, Yokota Masayuki
A1 Journal article (refereed), original research
Structure of Manganese Oxide Nanoparticles Extracted via Pair Distribution Functions (2020)
Condensed Matter
Pussi Katariina, Gallo Juan, Ohara Koji, Carbo-Argibay Enrique, Kolen’ko Yury, Barbiellini Bernardo, Bansil Arun, Kamali Saeed
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