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Effects of Stable Atmospheric Condition and Various Forest Densities on Wind Resources

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Authors: Chaudhari Ashvinkumar, Conan Boris, Hellsten Antti

Publication year: 2017

Language: English

Title of parent publication: International Conference on Wind Energy Harvesting

Start page: 63

End page: 68

Number of pages: 6

ISBN: 978‐989‐99226‐4‐8

eISBN: 978‐989‐99226‐5‐5

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Permanent website address: http://www.winercost.com/cost_files/WINERCOST17_Proceedings_Book.pdf

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The wind profile over a
forested terrain is characterized by strong shear and high turbulence level. In
addition, diurnal and seasonal variations in weather conditions highly affect
the Atmospheric Boundary Layer (ABL) characteristics. Therefore, studies on the
combined impact of forest and thermal stratifications are of utmost importance
for wind resource assessment. In this work, Large-Eddy Simulations are carried
out under neutral and stable conditions to study the effects of thermal
stratifications on the ABL profile developed over a forest. Three different
types of forests are tested, using different Leaf Area Densities, to evaluate how the wind resource is affected in
both, neutral and stable, conditions. Comparisons are performed in order to
elucidate the combined effect of a forest cover and stable conditions.

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