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Xylanase-induced liberation of negatively charged species and their effect on colloidal interactions and the retention of bleached birch kraft pulp fibers

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Authors: Lyytikäinen Katja, Backfolk Kaj

Publication year: 2015

Language: English

Related journal or series: Bioresources

Volume number: 10

Issue number: 3

Start page: 5460

End page: 5475

JUFO level of this publication: 1

Open Access: Open Access publication


The ability and specificity of various monocomponent endo-1-4-β-xylanases to release negatively charged species from never-dried, bleached, birch kraft pulp was studied. The effects of dissolution of these xylan-based components on pulp filtrate properties and the subsequent chemical retention were determined. The results revealed that the amount of charged species released depended on the xylanase and that the ratio of charged species released to dissolved xylan is not linear. Chemical retention tests showed that high levels of dissolved xylan interfere with the fixation of colloidal species, which was confirmed by removing the dissolved hemicelluloses. The roles of residual hemicellulose and the properties of modified fibers on chemical retention and the level of internal sizing are discussed.

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