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A Sense of Self in Augmented Reality

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Authors: Lavoye Virginie, Tarkiainen Anssi, Sipilä Jenni, Mero Joel

Publication year: 2022

Language: English

Title of parent publication: ANZMAC 2021 conference proceedings

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Open Access: Open Access publication


People have a fundamental motivation to extend their self beyond their immediate selves. Thus, when consumers explore shades of lipstick in a virtual try-on application in order to find a suited product, they explore possible selves by personalising their virtual self. A virtual try-on is a technology that enables consumers to evaluate the look and fit of clothes and accessories, in store or in the comfort of their home. Based on the literature around self-expansion motivation, we examine the effects of self-presence and self-exploration on brand attitude and brand knowledge in the context of virtual try-on applications for two product categories: sunglasses and makeup. On the basis of survey data from 500 participants, we find that consumers experience self-presence when using virtual try-on applications, which leads to self-exploration engagement and subsequently, positive brand knowledge and attitudes in both product categories. As marketers increasingly rely on virtual try-on, these findings have important practical implications in addition to theoretical contributions.

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