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Toward an improved understanding of AR-based presence dimensions and their impact on attitude certainty

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Authors: Lavoye Virginie, Tarkiainen Anssi

Publication year: 2021

Language: English

Title of parent publication: Proceedings of the European Marketing Association Conference

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Permanent website address: http://proceedings.emac-online.org/pdfs/A2021-94505.pdf

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Augmented reality (AR) applications for product visualization are increasingly popular. Prior research has shown that AR apps for virtual try-on help consumers evaluate the products by enabling the felt presence of the product. However, prior research has mainly focused on a one-dimensional conceptualization of presence. Research on immersive technologies recognizes that presence consists of three dimensions: spatial presence, self-presence, and social presence. The herein study extends the prior research on virtual try-on by assessing the impact of these three dimensions of felt presence on consumers’ attitude certainty. Attitudes held with high certainty (vs. low certainty) persist longer and have a greater impact on behavior. The results of this empirical pretest of a survey (N = 70) show that social presence and spatial presence influence attitude certainty, while self-presence is not significantly linked to attitude certainty.

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