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Pumps as Turbines – Analysis on Their Applicability to Flow Control and Economic Feasibility

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Authors: Hyypiä Jaakko, Ahonen Tero, Pöyhönen Santeri, Backman Jari

Publication year: 2018

Language: English

Title of parent publication: Proceedings of the 10th international conference on energy efficiency in motor driven systems (EEMODS' 2017)

Start page: 864

End page: 874

Number of pages: 11

ISBN: 978-92-79-79364-6

ISSN: 1831-9424

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Digital Object Identifier (DOI): http://dx.doi.org/10.2760/345473

Permanent website address: https://ec.europa.eu/jrc/en/publication/proceedings-10th-international-conference-energy-efficiency-motor-driven-systems-eemods-2017

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Efficient Energy Use (EFEU) is a Finnish cross-disciplinary research program with an aim to develop new system level solutions for energy efficiency in fluid handling systems. For systems where it is necessary both to produce and locally lower the pressure, a novel method for pressure reduction has been studied. The throttling that otherwise would be done with a control valve, could also be done with a variable-speed pump used as a turbine. Pumps as turbines have been traditionally used for hydraulic energy recovery in, for example, small-scale hydropower, osmotic systems and in fertilizer manufacturing plants, but their applicability as control valve replacement has not been studied in detail.

The focus of this article is to study the replacement of the control valve with a variable-speed-driven pump as turbine (PaT) and the economic feasibility of the energy recovery with a PaT system. Experimental research on operating pumps as turbines has been conducted on multiple devices, but this article focuses on the experimental results for an integrated pump-motor device also developed in EFEU research program. The turbine mode performance is shown and the performance is referenced to the characteristics of typical flow control valves. Economic feasibility is studied by using different sized pumps, for which prices were inquired from two pump manufacturers.

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