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Rotor axle of a high-speed permanent magnet machine

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Authors: Pukki Timo, Sopanen Jussi, Lipponen Aki, Nerg Janne, Pyrhönen Juha

Publication year: 2017

Language: English

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A rotor axle of a high speed permanent magnet machine including a first
part and a second part, both manufactured from a magnetically
non-conducting material. The parts include an inner end and an outer
end, and they can be axially interconnected one after the other by the
inner ends to constitute an integral rotor axle. Their outer ends
include bearing structures to fit the rotor axle with bearings. A
cylindrical and solid permanent magnet is provided coaxially with the
first part and the second part in between them and magnetized
perpendicularly to the axial direction of the cylinder. The inner end of
the first part of the rotor axle includes a cylindrical external
surface with an external thread, the inner end of the second part
includes a cylinder sleeve having an internal base part corresponding in
shape to the cylindrical permanent magnet to constitute a space for the
permanent magnet.

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