Research project

Yhteistä ymmärrystä ja työn merkityksell (Organisaatio 2.0)

Project Details

Start date: 01/01/2015

End date: 31/12/2015



Working life in Finland is in a state of radical change. New and innovative ways of working will be needed to strengthen thecompetitiveness of companies. The aim of the research project is to generate new knowledge of how novel methods of work andincrease of sensemaking will improve the meaningfulness of work from two perspectives: individual employer and profitability of thecompany. The research aims at recognizing and developing novel methods of work that help organizations to operate in a moreprofitable way when encountering paradoxes, wicked problems and needs arising from the meaningfulness of work.

The purpose of the project is to
1) recognize pioneer companies' advanced ways of working
2) model, develop and test profitable future ways of working
3) Implement a co-development model between researchers, developers and target companies for research and exploitation ofresults.

The research project will combine theoretical models and practical development, and produce practical instructions on how novelways of working will improve sensemaking at work for individuals while simultaneously improving profitability. The novel ways ofworking recognized and developed, and the experiences gathered will be utilized to complement the theoretical understanding ofworking life development.

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