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Aquatic resources for green energy realization (AQUAREL)

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Start date: 15/10/2012

End date: 14/10/2014


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Fish-farming is a growing industry in Karelia but there are no fish-waste utilization practices and technologies that would be commonly used. Fish farms, who want to utilize their bio waste in a profitable way instead of just dumping it to landfills, need waste handling and energy production units for their own use. Furthermore, also entrepreneurs operating on other fields with production facilities located in remote rural areas need decentralized energy production for improving their competiveness and independence from centralized energy production. This is of a growing importance as electricity price, demand for energy production and grids are rising. Thus, also these companies would benefit from new logistical solutions and biofuel production in small, local units. On Finnish side same type of needs are defined and even the waste management is generally little bit better organised, needs for new solutions for waste managmenet and espesially for needs for green energy is high, and project can bring new ideas for Finnish enterrpernous as well.

Substantial detrimental impact of fish farming facilities on the aquatic ecosystem requires integrated utilization and processing of organic wastes. Solutions for enhancing the energy efficiency of fish farming and for reducing environmental loading on aquatic ecosystems bearing fish farming facilities need to be found urgently.

The goal of the project "Aquatic resources for green energy realization - AQUAREL" is to develop heat production from fish waste and aquatic organism, with simultaneously improving the state of environment and reducing the load on ecosystem. This synergy could be reached by applying integrated innovative solutions that combine energy and biofuel production with water purification technologies. The project will be realized by Finnish-Karelian enterprise collaboration together with strong research and development organizations.

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