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Kyberturvallisuusosaamisen ja liiketoiminnan keskittäminen




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Start date: 01/01/2018

End date: 12/10/2018


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The project will combine datacenter, gamification and cyber security expertise and research by using new innovative ways. The current shortage of skillful persons in these three areas is intended to be covered by creating a new research, expertise and innovation center that will give rise to the field of entrepreneurship and creates jobs in the region.

Products and services of cyber security area will be piloted on this new innovation platform. Cyber security skills are delivered to wide audience in the form of cyber security game. With the development of the game piloted there is intention to make research of gamification and monetarisation. The pilot gives guide lines to build new kind of platform for education games. Furthermore a goal is to study data center skills and especially the challenges of cyber security of data centers. The ultimate goal of the project is to give knowledge of cyber security, develop networks and business and with same time to give knowledge concerning sustainable development, non-discrimination and to the gender equality.

In the short term in the project there will arise new knowledge, technology and expertise of cyber security. The utilization of these will in turn increase the competitiveness of the companies and creates new business opportunities. In the long term to the region there will form remarkable expertise and business skills. Furthermore the services are utilized actively by companies in region.

The project is answering to the challenge of the Finland’s Cyber Security Strategy 2013. In the vision Finland is by 2016 an international pioneer in cyber security and in management of cyber treats and that there are made remarkable contributions to the cyber security. This project is carried out together by Kymenlaakso University of Applied Sciences, University of Lappeenranta and Cursor ltd.

The project is a joint project with "The Cyber security expertise and business development, investment (application number 301076)". In the investment project there will be build a new innovation platform of cyber security called CyberLab. The starting point of this laboratory is the datacenter recently built in Metsola campus of the Kymenlaakso University of Applied Scienes. To the datacenter there will be assembled new modern security solutions, equipment and software needed. Many cyber security services will be piloted In CyberLab with the companies willing to participate. These services would be for example penetration testing, data security review, evaluation and audition

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