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Carbon Neutral Startups (CARNES)




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Start date: 01/06/2021

End date: 31/05/2023


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Carbon Neutral Startups (CARNES) project aims to develop, test, and implement a
process where the capabilities and readiness to start carbon neutral business
activities are enhanced. The project focuses on research-based business ideas
and targets the researcher teams that are planning to start a business

 The process will be developed, and it will be used for spar and educate LUT-based startup-teams
and entrepreneurs to adjust and take advantage of carbon neutral thinking when
entering the international markets. The purpose is to help the teams already in
the planning phase to target their activities towards carbon neutrality and use
that as a source of potential competitive advantage. Virtual workshops, where
this will be the main theme, will be organized during the project.

The concrete goal of the project is to produce a
model and a tool for analyzing and developing the business ideas towards the
carbon neutrality and to gain positive carbon handprint.

CARNES -hanketta (A77604) rahoitetaan osana Euroopan unionin covid-19-pandemian johdosta toteuttamia toimia.

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