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Against Waste: Activate Research and Education (AWARE)

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Start date: 02/04/2020

End date: 30/09/2022


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increasing demand for a healthy and safe environment is recognized by the CBC
South-East Finland – Russia together with the need to inform and educate the
population about practical solutions to environmental problems related to poor
waste management. In particular, the priority 3 (Attractive, clean environment
and region) has an indicative action directly addressing the need for better
environmental education and business development in waste management: “(1)
promoting research, planning, and education in the fields of the environment,
resource efficiency, eco-efficiency, environmental audit schemes, and sustainable

To answer
the indicative actions pointed out in priority 3, AWARE project is built with a
project team consisting of four partners: (1) Lappeenranta University of
Technology, Finland (LUT); (2) St Petersburg Forest Technical University,
Russia (FTU); (3) St Petersburg State University of Industrial Technologies and
Design (UITD); and (4) Savonia University of Applied Sciences, Finland (SUAS).
The Project  incorporates education of
knowledge about monetary potential on waste into educational model for helping
to achieve more sustainable municipal waste management in the Leningrad Region
and St. Petersburg. The target groups and beneficiaries of the project will be
many fold, from university staff and students, schoolchildren and e.g. the residents
of Leningrad Region, NGOs and local authorities. The target groups in mind, the
overall objective of the proposed project is to increase environmental
awareness on Leningrad Region and St. Petersburg to enhance the knowledge,
skills and capabilities for sustainable waste management for the ideological
goal for success “one man’s waste is another man’s treasure”. 


Against waste, circular economy, Digitalization, Education, Sustainable business development

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