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Päästötön liikenne Mikkelin seudulla 2040
Emission-free traffic in the Mikkeli region 2040




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Start date: 01/05/2019

End date: 28/02/2022


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The project will explore the potential of the Mikkeli region to get rid of fossil greenhouse gas emissions from traffic within the next 20 years. In South Savo, the transport sector is the largest source of greenhouse gas emissions, and almost half of the region's road-traffic emissions are generated in the subregion around Mikkeli. The subregion has good opportunities to reduce emissions, as it passes through the national rail network, and there is also emerging production and distribution infrastructure for transport biofuels.

The project is based on an action plan for the elimination of greenhouse gases by the Government's Working Group on Climate Policy, which includes proposed changes in transport systems, vehicles and fuels. The action program also calls for regional solutions. Emissions-free traffic in the Mikkeli region 2040 project takes into account the specific features of the region, such as the importance of private vehicles in the sparsely populated parts of the region, the geographical distribution of the population and the internal phenomena and features of housing, employment, migration and transport logistics.

The key research methods of the project are spatial data analyzes and precise location-based logistics simulations, which examine the realism of different measures, taking into account existing local resources and preconditions. The project will result in a holistic situation awareness of the region's traffic in different target years and an emission reduction path stretching to the 2030's in the Mikkeli region. The project will raise awareness among decision-makers and private actors, such as consumers and entrepreneurs, of greenhouse gas emissions from transport in local conditions, and it is anticipated that the measures needed to mitigate the change in emissions-free transport will be facilitated by project results and experiences.

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