Education project

Embedding Circular Economy into Product Design and Optimization (e-CirP)


Project Details

Start date: 01/01/2019

End date: 31/12/2021


European Commission


Circular economy demands new approaches to the product design phase. In product design phase, many decisions are made that determine the circularity of the product as well as its overall sustainability. These issues can be further supported with optimal value chain and business model choices and innovations.

Transformation towards circular economy and sustainability is a significant issue that should be addressed not only by governments but also companies and academia. e-CirP project initiates a platform of education modules to bring together actors within European countries to accelerate the transformation through Master of Science education. It provides an interactive education, networking and knowledge sharing opportunity for students in the fields of environmental, mechanical, chemical, energy, civil and industrial engineering, sustainability assessment and product design. In addition, it provides an opportunity for companies to have their actual and topical challenges related to e.g. product design, life cycle sustainability or circularity to be examined by the Master students in guidance of subject experts.

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