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Training Scheme on Nuclear Engineering (ENEN III)

Project Details

Start date: 01/05/2009

End date: 30/04/2013


European Commission


The project covers the structuring, organisation, coordination and implementation of training schemes in cooperation with local, national and international training organisations, to provide training to professionals active in nuclear organisations or their contractors and subcontractors. The training schemes provide a portfolio of courses, training sessions, seminars and workshops for continuous learning, for upgrading knowledge and developing skills.

The training schemes allow the individual to acquire qualifications and skills, as required by specific positions in the nuclear sector, which will be documented in a training passport. The essence of such passport is to be recognised within the EU by the whole nuclear sector, which provides mobility to the individual looking for employment and an EU wide recruitment field for the nuclear employers. The recognition is subject to qualification and validation of the training courses according to a set of commonly agreed criteria, which can be ratified by law or established on a consensus basis within a network.

The training schemes cover profiles for each of the following:

   Type A) Basic training in selected nuclear topics of non nuclear engineers and personnel of nuclear facilities

                contractors and subcontractors;

   Type B) Technical training for the design challenges of GEN III plants;

   Type C) Technical training for the construction challenges of GEN III plants;

   Type D) Technical training for the design of GEN IV plants.

The training schemes consists of three distinct phases:

  - Courses, seminars, learning, scientific and technical visits, case studies;

  - Participation to selected activities within the scope of the training in different organisations;

  - Autonomous conduction of activities within the scope of the training under supervision of a mentor

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