Education project

Entrepreneurial Skills in Schools Education: Nurturing Citizenship and Entrepreneurship (E.S.S.E:N.C.E.)



Project Details

Start date: 01/09/2018

End date: 31/08/2020


European Commission



Through the improvement of the professional profile of
teachers, ESSENCE wants to help student in acquiring/evaluating the
entrepreneurial competences, allowing them to develop transversal skills such
as critical thinking, creativity and self-perception, and introducing them,
with the game, to the professional world and promoting their active
citizenship. This objective will be
reached through the realization of a training path, for the teaching of the
project’s methodology to teachers; specifically, the training will include
strategies for the teaching of entrepreneurial competences, strategies for the
teaching and use of a digital tool, the E-portfolio, for the assessment and
self-assessment activities
. So, the general objective is to produce an
impact on the school system, in terms of improvement of the education quality
and evaluation and self-evaluation of entrepreneurial skills, through the
update of teachers’ competences.

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