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Video-Supported Education Alliance (ViSuAL)


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Start date: 01/01/2018

End date: 31/12/2020


European Commission


Most teachers do not use video
tools in a way that contributes to developing conceptual thinking and problem
solving skills as relevant work-life competences of the knowledge worker.
Europe-wide, there is a need for e-competent teachers
in utilizing e-learning with leading digital collaboration solutions. The same
holds for pedagogical knowledge of designers in educational technology
companies. Video-based e-learning and knowledge building are 21st century
approaches; the modernization of European Higher Education Institution calls
for a workable pedagogy and skilled teachers to take on the up-to-date
video-supported collaboration solutions for creative teamwork in online

Video-Supported Education
Alliance (ViSuAL) is an Alliance of six Higher Education Institutions
and six Educational Technology Designers co-creating an evidence-based
pedagogical model for Video-Supported Collaborative Learning. The developed
solution develops students’ critical thinking and problem solving skills that
are important for navigating the increasingly turbulent, knowledge-intensive
and entrepreneurial work-life. In the long run, ViSuAL will contribute to meeting the modernization needs of European Higher
Education Institutions in advancing digital skills for learning and
teaching. Due to the practical nature and provision of workable practices for
transforming education, teacher will embrace the experimentations carried out
in ViSuAL in local level and spread it through their institutes. The insights
gathered during the co-creation process have an impact for the innovation
capacity of the companies in partnership with their stakeholders, customers and
the Higher Education Institutions as researchers, facilitators and design
partners of the companies.


digitalization, pedagogy, video-based e-learning, digital skills, learning, teaching, co-creation, pedagogical model, innovation capacity, user

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