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RAMBO - Reippaaseen kasvuun AMB-osaamisella (RAMBO)




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Start date: 01/06/2016

End date: 31/10/2018



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High speed drives are essential part of future
energy efficient processes in industrial systems, where materials and energy are efficiently used and recycled.
Examples from high speed drive applications are, for example, air compressors
for waste water purification, or microturbines for producing power and heat
from biogas produced from biowaste. High speed technology offer smaller size
for process components due to high power density. This enables higher process
integration as well as higher process efficiency and material savings.
Altogether, high speed systems have lower ecological footprint compared to traditional
industrial or energy conversion systems, where rotating machinery is applied.

LUT has long tradition in research of high speed systems. The
latest project in the field was a TEKES financed project that focused on
business potential of high speed system engineering and magnetic bearing
technology. In that project, feasible business models were investigated and
compared. Also design process of high speed system was developed further and
the technical challenges of certain technical components were identified. LUT
is in close co-operation with the local industrial companies that enables
to have a fruitful projects where the expertise of LUT researchers meets the
technical needs of the commercial parties in the business field. The
combination provides the latest research knowledge to the local small and
medium size companies and the research conducted at the LUT has a greater value
for the society.

The applied project supports the recently updated LUT’s strategy.
The project supports the circular economy by improving the machines that widely
are used in waste recycling processes and regenerative power production. The
technical level of the proposed research project enables the research group to
be part of the sharpest spearhead of the technical field. The project has a
major local impact since the majority of the companies benefitting from the
research results are located or initiated in the Lappeenranta area. The
research knowledge of the LUT in the field of electric machines has been a
basis for many local electric machine companies including The Switch Drive
Systems, Visedo and High Speed Tech that was recently acquired by Sulzer Pumps
Finland Oy. The results of the applied EAKR funding will promote the list of
companies to continue in the near future.

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