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Alueellisen median digitaalinen loikka-mikä muuttuu

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Start date: 01/01/2018

End date: 31/08/2018


Other Finnish


The study analyzes managerial and customer-related
challenges in creation and implementation of new digital business models. More
concretely, the study examines how a media organization is able to renew itself
during digital disruption and how digitalization shapes customer values and
challenges media companies to redefine their customer value
propositions. It is a longitudinal in-depth case study in a Finnish
regional media company, which is transforming itself from the traditional
print media into a digital content provider. The theoretical frame is based on
concepts of ambidexterity and organizational tensions, business model
innovations, organizational renewal, change management, value creation and
customer value proposition. As to managerial implications, the projects
provides knowledge and models of good managerial practices that help
managers to enforce organizational renewal and innovation capabilities in
times of radical changes. 


digitalization, ambidexterity, organizational renewal, change management, business model, dynamic capabilities, managerial cognition, value creation, customer value proposition, regional media

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