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#DigiLAHTI - Uutta kasvua digitaalisuudesta PK-yrityksille (#DigiLAHTI)




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Start date: 01/01/2018

End date: 30/04/2020


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Digitalization is one of the key factors changing the way SMEs do business today. The objective of the #DigiLAHTI project is to make companies’ processes more efficient by developing new customer- and user-centric operating models, services and products through the digitalization of companies’ operations.

The project produces tools, information and operating models for use in digitalization within SMEs, as well as an operating platform for development of companies’ digital solutions. The main measures in the project are customer and user-focused trialing and implementation of suitable technologies as a part of company-specific business operations development.

LUT University work package develops tools that can be used to find SMEs’ needs and opportunities for the growth and new business digitalization can bring, and that can be utilized as concrete development areas, both within the organization and in customer interfaces.


digitalization, digital services, SMEs, growth, customer value, performance measurement, performance management

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