Project Researcher Marina Ängeslevä

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Academic position in LUT: Junior Researcher

Research Interests

Cloth filter media are fundamental for all filtration processes, which are applied in a wide range of industries. Cloth manufacturers typically provide only the air permeability values for their cloths but this parameter might not be suitable for describing the separation performance of the cloths in real solid/liquid separation processes where the fluid is not air. Filter media characteristics such as the liquid permeability and the pore size distribution remain poorly defined, although these features directly determine the cloth performance. Furthermore, theories describing cake formation and the resistance of the filter medium have been developed but have not really been connected with theories for permeability. The aim of this work is to investigate different filter medium characteristics and determine their effect on separation performance in solid/liquid separation. Increased knowledge could be used to improve the filtration properties of the cloths and to make the filtration process in terms of capacity and the quality of the final product. Pore size distribution, air and liquid permeability were investigated and dependencies between these parameters have been analyzed. The analysis of results showed that an accurate description of the cloth filter media performance cannot be limited to the use of only one parameter.


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