Päivimaria Seppänen

Current Organisation

Academic position in LUT: Junior Researcher

Research Interests
The aim of my dissertation is institutionalizing arts in social and health care services. The research focus is to study what kind of multiprofessional combinations there are where art is included in social and health care occupations and how it could be noticed and deployed. There can be employees with two or more professions; they have changed careers because of different reasons and have many skills and knowledge obtained and learned in schools, at work and in life. In this study, they are called as multiprofessional employees: they have wider readiness and more versatile know-how than those employees with one profession.
It is important to notice multiprofessionality because there is a need for new kind of aspects to strengthen client orientation at social and health care. Also there is a need for practice-based innovations. Arts can be a rehabilitative method and it can rise up unknown knowing among employees and personel. Art can be used in buildings, the space can be made interactive by using arts. Art is empowering, it increases wellbeing and awakens people to see and notice things differently.

Teaching Experience

Empoverment methods, management at social services, service guidance


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