Jukka Tiikkaja

Mobile phone: 0405105148

Current Organisation

Academic position in LUT: Junior Researcher

Research Interests

The purpose of this study is to implement an innovative solution in assessing and developing the quality in coaching with the special focus in the sport of ice hockey. Study aims first to forecast the development trends in sports at the local, national and international level using modified Delphi method involving a group of experts with academic references in different areas. Based on the identified key areas, study then aims to outline the development needs with respect to existing working practices at the local level. Development needs are further build into the performance management system aimed at supporting the transition of working life practices in line with the identified development objectives. The performance management system for coaching initially aims to include all ice hockey clubs organizing children and youth programs with possible implementation of the system in other sports as well. With the innovative approach in the national coach development in ice hockey, the study also impacts on players and other stakeholders actively involved at the club level.

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