Ari Vepsäläinen

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  • Uploaded on: 22/03/2017

Current Organisation

Academic position in LUT: Junior Researcher

Research Interests
PhD research, ‘Heterogeneous mass transfer in fluidized beds by computational fluid dynamics’, is fundamental phenomenon research of fluidized bed combustion technology by means of CFD, and represents the first such-research presented in the literature.

In the very recent years, the multiphase CFD modeling of complex gas and solid flow dynamics existing in the fluidized beds has been developed by research efforts to be a reliable modeling tool for small-scale equipments. Taking advantage of this, the PhD research benchmarks the heterogeneous mass transfer coefficients predicted by fine-grid Eulerian CFD simulations against empirical data presented in the scientific literature. The obtained mass transfer coefficients provide an enhanced prediction accuracy of the fluidized bed process performance, and have practical relevance in various engineering design, reactor scale-up and process research tasks. Additionally, the research provided great amount of new process-specific knowledge, such as a strong mass transfer control over heterogeneous reaction rate, a dominance of interphase mass transfer in the fine-particle fluidized beds and a strong chemical kinetic dependence of the average gas-bed mass transfer.

The results prove that CFD modeling provides a very cost-efficient and reliable choice for traditional laboratory- and pilot-scale experiments of fluidized bed processes for the academic and industrial needs.

Teaching Experience

Assistant of thermodynamics, assistant of heat transfer

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