Post-doctoral researcher Nina Tura

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Current Organisation

Academic position in LUT: Post Doctoral Researcher


I work as Postdoctoral researcher at LUT University in Finland. I have finalized my doctoral studies in Industrial engineering and management in June 2018, focusing on the managerial challenges in value creation for sustainability-oriented innovations.

My special expertise areas include sustainability-oriented innovations, circular economy business, platform ecosystems, sustainable value creation, sharing economy, and innovation management. I have worked as a project manager in research projects such as ”From data to wisdom: approaches enabling circular economy” and "Strategic Business models and governance for sustainable solutions".

I have been publishing e.g. in Journal of Cleaner Production, Industrial Marketing Management, Technology Analysis and Strategic Management, International Journal of Innovation and Sustainable Development and International Journal of Innovations and Technology Management. For example my recent research articles include Themes of "Advancing circular business", ”Darker side of sustainability” and ”Platform design framework”.

Besides conducting research in a close collaboration with several national and international companies and research organizations, I am highly involved with innovation and strategic management education. I am especially interested of adult pedagogy and currently finalizing my Master studies in this field. In LUT I have teaching experience in sustainability-oriented innovations, industrial and innovation management and strategic consulting. I work also as a supervisor for Master and Bachelor level Theses.

Research Interests
My current research interest areas cover especially innovation management and sustainability -related topics.
Currently I am working with the topics of circular economy, sustainability-oriented innovations, business ecosystems, platform-based business models and sharing economy. In addition, my research interest cover also the development of current decision makers' skills and competences for sustainability oriented innovations.

In overall, the goal of my research is to understand the value of different types of sustainability-oriented innovations and create ways to follow-up and manage this value this value over multidimensional networks. Sustainability is argued to be a key in future innovations and firms’ business development. New models with high sustainability potential are emerging (e.g. circular economy) that require new types of business models. In finding the balance between innovation actions, business and environmental goals and social demands, value management plays a crucial role. The perspectives of sustainability, social equity, economical accountabilities and care for the ecosystem all have an effect on value which is experienced by stakeholders in different phases of a value chain. The value varies between stakeholders and following the sustainability principles may also bring forth the value-destroying elements such as increasing costs. To optimize the value without forgetting the sustainability issues can be thus very difficult task. Practically, the target of my research is to help firms in balancing their innovation, business and environmental goals and moving towards sustainability-oriented innovations.

Teaching Experience
Strategic planning and analysis
Basics in Innovation and Technology Management
Sustainability-oriented innovation
Case course in Strategy consulting
Basics in Industrial Engineering: Innovation & Strategic Management
Supervisor of Bachelor's and Master's Theses

Projects as Project Manager

Projects as Co-Investigator

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