Irma Hyvönen

Mobile phone: +358505314212

Current Organisation

Academic position in LUT: Junior Researcher

Research Interests
Information technology and digitalization of services mean that even a local government organization has to be flexible, innovative and renew its processes, practices, services and insights instead of maintaining the status quo of the activities.

The aim of the present dissertation is to explore, understand, and exploit the phenomenon of organizational innovativeness or innovation in the local governmental organization context. The focus is on the complex real life phenomenon of the local government innovation process. The local government organization consists of the city-, state- and private-owned organization system of the same field. The leadership of the innovation process gives a holistic view of the activities in the field and society.

In the research literature there is a gap of the leadership of the local government organization innovation process. The main research question: How does the leadership impact the innovation process within the local government organization? Methodologically the study is qualitative research analysed and triangulated with sound research literature seen from the knowledge management, strategic management and intellectual capital perspectives.

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