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Current Organisation

Academic position in LUT: Associate / Assistant Professor, tenure


Associate Professor of Supply Chain and Operations Management at the Lappeenranta University of Technology. Doctor of Science in Technology ( in the field of Industrial Engineering and Management. Main research interest is process improvement and operations management in professional services and organizations

Research Interests
Professional Service Operations Management (PSOM)
Process improvement in professional services
Food supply chains and short food supply chains

Teaching Experience
Teacher at Lappeenranta University of Technology (LUT), in Industrial Engineering and Management (IEM) from the year 2002 onwards. Main teaching area and subjects are connected to managing and planning change programs and organizing and facilitating improvement projects in organizational process improvement efforts. Independent teaching responsibilities covering all related tasks: planning of course contents, producing teaching materials, carrying out teaching and assessment, as well as plan and execute improvement activities.

Head of the Master’s Degree program “Operations Management”. As a head of the program, responsible for the design, development, quality and performance of the program. The tasks of the Head of the program includes e.g. establishment of learning outcomes, designing the degree structure, procedures for student admission, analyzing and reacting to feedback and assessments, various communication and informing tasks, as well as guiding freshmen and other students in contextual issues.

Projects as Principal Investigator

Projects as Project Manager

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