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Academic position in LUT: Junior Researcher

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Dissolution of iron oxides has been extensively studied in single acid systems but studies with mixtures of acids are few. Kinetics and thermodynamics of dissolution of iron oxides are in general not agreed on. The objective here is to investigate the dissolution mechanisms of magnetite and hematite in acidic environments by adding oxalic acid in sulfuric or nitric acid. This can contribute to more efficient and environmentally friendly processes. The work is based on performing thermodynamic and kinetic experiments at different temperatures and acid ratios. So far the results have shown that the solubility of magnetite and hematite improves by adding oxalic acid in sulfuric acid. The temperature has an effect on the equilibrium kinetics, but higher temperatures do not automatically result in significantly higher solubility. The Kabai model has been found most suitable in describing the dissolution kinetics of magnetite and hematite in mixtures of oxalic and sulfuric acid. A solid specific constant a of the Kabai model has been found to vary for the different acid ratios for magnetite and hematite dissolution, which has not been reported by Kabai. The reason for the variation might indicate changes in the solid phase during the dissolution process.

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