Post-doctoral researcher Tommi Kärkkäinen

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Current Organisation

Academic position in LUT: Post Doctoral Researcher

Research Interests
My research activities focus on the reliability of electronics, especially power electronics. Over the past years I have been studying condition monitoring and defect detection methods for electronic components, namely capacitors and power semiconductor modules.In quality assurance applications, better defect detection means fewer faulty products being shipped to the end user, resulting in increased customer happiness. Condition monitoring methods allow system operators to determine when equipment requires service, maintenance or replacement, resulting in recuced costs associated with component failures. Both defect detection and condition monitoring methods may also completely prevent sudden, unexpected failures. This reduces the risk of a system failure causing an accident, which may even prevent loss of life in some cases.

While doing the above-mentioned research tasks, I have also applied machine learning algorithms. That ML know-how has also been applied to other fields, such as forecasting the production and demand of electricity, which may allow automatised, smart purchase orders and sales orders on the electricity market in the future.

Teaching Experience
I have been running my own courses since 2011, when I was handed two laboratory courses in Electronics. Soon a colleague and I completely transformed the courses from a traditional worksheet-and-report style laboratory course into project based courses. Since then, I have been improving the courses further.

I am heavily involved in developing a new multi-disciplinary mostly-digital educational module, which is to be incorporated in the Master's degree curriculum starting 2020. The module will give the students a good understanding of reliability engineering, the importance of reliability, and the costs of poor reliability.

I am also a member of the electrical engineering curriculum work group since 2017.

Projects as Project Manager

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Other Research Activities

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