Associate professor Sami Virolainen

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Mobile phone: +358 50 4316756

  • Uploaded on: 01/12/2021

Current Organisation

Academic position in LUT: Post Doctoral Researcher

Research Interests

My research interest from societal point of view is related to recovery of critical metals from secondary raw materials. From scientific point of view I am a researcher in the field of hydrometallurgical separation methods. Particularly I work with liquid-liquid extraction (solvent extraction) and ion exchange.

Teaching Experience

My teaching experience is mainly consisted of supervision of 24 Master’s Theses, ten Bachelor’s Theses, four PhD students, and two annually taught courses (Hydrometallurgy, 5 ECTS cr, and Laboratory Exercises in Applied Chemistry, 4 cr) since 2014 at LUT University. Since 2020 I will also teach Unit Operations B (4 cr). In addition I have been giving single lectures in all levels and have minor roles in few other courses in chemical engineering.

Projects as Principal Investigator

Projects as Project Manager

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  • Circular Economy
  • Sustainability science

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