Post-doctoral researcher Noora Heino

  • E-mail:

Mobile phone: 0456335775

Current Organisation

Academic position in LUT: Post Doctoral Researcher

Research Interests

Different types of Entrepreneurship and Ownership, Organizational behavior, Strategic Management, Family Business, Succession, Psychological Ownership, Territorial Behavior, Firm performance, Firm success, Co-operatives,Start-ups and Spin-offs, Networking and Collaboration

Teaching Experience

Introduction to Leadership and Entrepreneurship (Johtamisen ja Yrittäjyyden perusteet), Co-operative Business and Management (Osuuskuntien liiketoiminta ja johtaminen), Introduction to Management and Leadership (Johtamisen perusteet), Introduction to Organizational Behavior (Organisaatiokäyttäytymisen perusteet), Leadership (Leadership), Interfirm Co-operation (Yritysten välinen yhteistyö), Strategic Management of Growth (Kasvun strateginen johtaminen), Case Course of Business (Case course of business), Entrepreneurship (Yrittäjyys), Organzation theory (Organisaatioteoria), Global management challange (Johtamisen SM), Bachelor's thesis (Kandidaatin tutkielma)

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