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The state of management accounting symbolized by five clusters of companies

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Authors: Ylä-Kujala Antti, Kinnunen Sini-Kaisu, Hyvärinen Tero, Tynninen Leena, Kärri Timo, Ryynänen Harri
Publication year: 2017
Language: English
Related Journal or Series Information: Nordic journal of business
Volume number: 65
Issue number: 3-4
Start page: 55
End page: 75
Number of pages: 21
ISSN: 2342-9003
eISSN: 2342-9011
JUFO-Level of this publication: 1
Open Access: Open Access publication


Modern management accounting practices are constantly changing, which establishes a need to update
our collective understanding every now and then. A large survey across the industries with over 1500
respondents from small, medium-sized and large enterprises was conducted about the state of management
accounting in Finland. Companies’ development needs for new systems and services were also
mapped in parallel. Based on the state of management accounting, Finnish companies can be divided to
five distinct clusters that are known as (1) ‘the cost-conscious’, (2) ‘the indecisive’, (3) ‘the developers’,
(4) ‘the satisfied users’ and (5) ‘the pessimists’. On the other hand, the analysis of the development needs
revealed that over a half of the companies belong to either of two groups; those that experience their
systems as adequate, and those that are not aware of their system and/or service needs. The clustering
is explained by these findings to some extent.

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