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Open Innovation: Do you really do what you think you do?

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Authors: Podmetina Daria, Teplov Roman, Ekaterina Albats, Dabrowska Justyna
Publication year: 2016
Language: English
Related Journal or Series Information: International Society for Professional Innovation Management's Innovation Conference
Title of parent publication: The XXVII ISPIM Innovation Conference – Blending Tomorrow’s Innovation Vintage
Journal acronym: ISPIM
Start page: 1
End page: 24
Number of pages: 24
ISBN: 978-952-265-929-3
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Since publication of the first book on Open Innovation in 2003 the concept caused extensive debates in academic community. While one scholars criticize Open Innovation for conceptual ambiguity and being merely repackaging existing practices, the proponents emphasize the novelty of the concept in systematic combination of inbound and outbound activities and tight linkage with company strategy. The paper address the research gap in structuring the open innovation activities and bringing more understanding on how companies associate the degree of engagement in OI with the level of open innovation adoption. In this research we perform cluster analysis use on data of the survey on open innovation conducted in 2014-2015 among 461 managers representing companies operating in Europe. The results revealed six types of open innovation strategies, based on combinations of various open innovation activities adopted by companies. We also identified and clarified the gap between the existing theoretical concepts and their business perception.

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