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Key Performance Indicators of Startups: external view

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Authors: Albats Ekaterina, Fiegenbaum Irina
Publication year: 2016
Language: English
Related Journal or Series Information: International Society for Professional Innovation Management's Innovation Conference
Title of parent publication: The XXVII ISPIM Innovation Conference – Blending Tomorrow’s Innovation Vintage
Start page: 1
End page: 22
ISBN: 978-952-265-929-3
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The startup support programs exist today in full variety, and they areselecting the most promising startups to support their growth. But how do theydecide on which startups are worth supporting? The issue of what criteria are tobe used for assessing a startup becomes of utmost relevance for bothAccelerators/Incubators and the startups themselves and is an important topic inacademia as it has hardly been touched upon. Analysing the KPIs applied by topaccelerators globally and validating them through a series of interviews withAccelerators/Incubators' managers, we define five main groups of KPIs appliedto enter the acceleration programs and a set of KPIs applied to startups graduatingfrom it. Our findings demonstrate that among others startup human capitalcharacteristics - the team expertise, motivation and passion - are the mostdecisive indicators of potential startup success.

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